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your secondary level education.

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Because your future is important

Education Earned is a non-profit initiative of The G5 Cyber Security Foundation that rewards Caribbean nationals who go back to school to complete a secondary-level qualification.

Our requirements

Please read the following six (6) requirements to ensure you qualify before applying.


Applicants must be aged 30 and older to apply. Applicants must apply within 2 months before or after passing their exam.


Applicants must be living in the Caribbean with a valid ID issued from a Caribbean country/territory.


Each quaified applicant person can claim their reward reimbursement for only 1 exam per cycle or every 6 months.


Payments are only made directly to applicants. Payment methods include cash via Western Union or kind using Gift cards.


Only Caribbean based secondary level exams can be redeemed. They are: CSEC, CAPE, and CCSLC.


Applicants must submit a digital copy of their exam pass and Caribbean ID. Digital copies are accepted as either images or PDF only.

The process

1st. Apply

Ensure you meet the requirements above, select "Apply" below and submit the required documents as requested.

2nd. Verification

Proof of applicants exam pass will be verified with the official examining body for integrity purposes (e.g. The CXC), and also their age.

3rd. Payment

Once verification checks are complete, the cost of one (1) exam pass will be sent directly to the applicant based on their selected payment method.

Ready to be rewarded

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